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Skill Training Rates: 

Small Group Training: $50/player
Private Training Group (up to 4 players): $175/hr
Individual Training Session: $175/hr

All training sessions are by appointment only (must register and submit payment via invoice prior to attendance). All sessions are 1 hour. Invoices are sent on a monthly basis for all registered sessions.

Please register and we will let you know what is available based on your kiddos grade and skill level. 

Liability Waiver

I, The Parent Or Guardian Of The Player Listed Above, Acknowledge That Participation In Athletic Events Necessarily Involves Risk Of Physical Injury. I Understand That My Child Will Be Participating In Strenuous Physical Activity And I Am Entirely Responsible For Ensuring That My Child Is Physically Able To Participate, And My Child Has No Known Medical Conditions That Would Restrict Participation. 

In Consideration For Accepting The Participation In The Texas LoneStar Basketball (TLB) Event(S) For The Player Noted Above, I Hereby Release, Discharge And Hold Harmless The TLB Coaches, Staff, Owners, Volunteers And Facility Operators, Employees, And Owners From Any Claims Arising Out Of, Or Relating To Any Physical Injury That May Result To The Player Noted Above, While Participating In A TLB Event, Including Any Physical Injury Caused By The Negligence Of Any TLB Representative, Volunteer, Or Coach While Performing His/Her Duties During The Event For TLB. 

I Understand That I, Or My Designated Emergency Contact Noted Below, Will Be Contacted In The Event My Child Is Deemed To Need Medical Attention. In The Event That I, Or My Emergency Contact, Cannot Be Reached In An EMERGENCY, I Hereby Give Permission To The Attending TLB Coaches Or Representatives To Secure Proper Treatment For My Child. 

By Providing Completing Registration, You Are Agreeing To The Terms Of This Waiver.

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