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Hardship Financial Aid Information



Before you complete this application, please read the following carefully:

We whole-heartedly believe in providing opportunities to those who are in need and would not have the ability to allow their son/daughter to participate in our program without financial assistance of some kind. We do not, however, provide financial aid to those who are not actually in need. While other programs may find it acceptable to "pay for talent" or "pay for players", we do not believe in that- at all. We are not a 501(c)(3) (aka "Non-profit organization") and the funds that we use to provide financial aid are DONATED BY OUR STAFF to our families in need. This means we are forgoing our pay- to help lift a financial burden for your family.

LoneStar reserves the right to revoke any financial aid being provided to your family IF:

  • The player/family is not abiding by the contract (attendance to practice and games, personal conduct, etc.)

  • We become aware that any of the information provided is in any way untrue. 

  • If the financial aid details are shared with anyone outside of your immediate family.

  • If your situation has improved and financial aid is no longer needed.

By completing this application, you are certifying that all the information provided is TRUE.  

Hardship Financial Aid Applicaiton

Reason Financial Aid isNeeded

Thanks for submitting!

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