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Texas LoneStar Teams

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We like to plan and be as prepared as possible for the next season. This is why we start hosting tryouts in the fall! Our last tryout opportunities for the season are held in January and then we start team practice in February. So don't miss an opportunity to check us out! Attend a tryout sooner than later!

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2024 3v3 League

Why 3v3....

To help aid in development and preparation for competitive play, we have decided to host a 3v3 fall league at LoneStar. Our fall program will consist of two elements: 3v3 league and skill training. We will have 3v3 once a week on Tuesday and skill training on Sunday afternoon/evening or Saturday mornings. Our fall league is geared towards providing players the opportunity to enhance player development and heighten awareness of the game. The skill training also allows players to develop individually through instruction of proper fundamentals.


Benefits of 3v3:

-Players are forced to relay on their own instructs and abilities, which facilitates quick growth and development

-Emphasis on fundamental skill sets

-Increase game reps

-Every player is import and accountable on both offense and defense

-Increase competitive advantage

-Further enhancement of skill application


We also want to make the fall season as “low maintenance” as possible for parents as well! Games and skill training will be hosted at LoneStar Training Facility, and you will not be required to “travel” or give up Saturday and Sunday at tournaments. When the 2024 select season hits there will be plenty of opportunity for that again! 😊 We will also not have a gear/start-up fee as we will provide jerseys for league play.


Fall Season: August- October

Winter Season: November - January

- Join Us -

Register to have an opportunity to train and play with the best!

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