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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have a question? Don't hesitate to contact us! We are an open book and take pride in being a reliable source of information as true experts in the field of basketball at every level of play.

Adidas 3 Stripe Select Basketball (3SSB) is an exclusive circuit for sponsored organizations. It was built to provide opportunities for student-athletes to compete at a high level, gain exposure and earn athletic scholarships. Currently, the girls 3SSB circuit is comprised of 32 of the best organizations in the nation. 3SSB is one of the two forerunning circuits in the nation, equivalent to the Nike EYBL circuit. Texas LoneStar has been a sponsored organization since 2018, sending more than 65 players to college on scholarships between 2018-2023. 

What is 3SSB?

Where do we practice?

We get asked this a lot...and we know why! Gym space is a big factor for any basketball organization, and we are beyond blessed to have our own private facility. We (all girls and boys of all ages) practice under one roof- in Argyle, Texas!

No wondering when or where practice will be! Our facility is dedicated to our players and that allows us to set our own schedule based on the needs of our organization.

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