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What is 3SSB?

Adidas 3 Stripe Select Basketball (3SSB) is an exclusive circuit for sponsored organizations. It was built to provide opportunities for student-athletes to compete at a high level, gain exposure and earn athletic scholarships. Currently, the girls 3SSB circuit is comprised of 32 of the best organizations in the nation. 3SSB is one of the two forerunning circuits in the nation, equivalent to the Nike EYBL circuit. Texas LoneStar has been a sponsored organization since 2018, sending more than 65 players to college on scholarships between 2018-2023. 

Mission Statement

Our goal is to develop fundamentally sound basketball players through detailed and dynamic instruction coupled with innovative drills allowing players to reach their full potential and meet their long term goals. We provide a comprehensive program that uses multiple approaches to enhance game performance. Our teams receive a combination of skill training, team practice and game time in order to create well rounded players with a practical skill set and solid understanding of the game.  

Our program does not only provide an opportunity for amateur basketball players to engage in challenging competition but also provides an opportunity for players who desire to play collegiate basketball to get exposure to college recruiters. Our goal is to build teams that allow each player to demonstrate their strongest skill set in order to optimize opportunities for college scholarship offers. 

Our coaches and trainers have a genuine love for the game and a true calling to work with determined and motivated young athletes. We take pride in watching our players grow into successful young adults. We strive not only to be coaches and trainers but positive role models for athletes, promoting life skills such as good character, goal attainment, and commitment though the game of basketball.


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